Best free encryption software and how to use it

Encryption: encryption has been a phenomenon or a process that has been used by almost all the security conscious users since the beginning of its launch. It is a process or making the information or data inaccessible and can only be accessed with the help of a password (decoding). Few of the benefits of encryption are stated below:

Encryption keeps up your integrity:

Hackers are everywhere, no questions asked in that. Getting rid of them completely is a tough or near impossible job, but making their way of hacking more difficult is what you can do. In short, while your data is encrypted, it converts the data into meaningless bits of data which means even if some is able to hack the security layer, the information inside would still stay inaccessible. Hence, cyberattacks, Trojan attacks, ransomware threats etc. all can be done and dusted easily.

Encryption protects your privacy:

All types of information including personal details, private information etc. are in need of dependable security. You simply cannot maintain pure anonymity and privacy without the help of a data encryption software. Both surveillance companies and criminals look for users who aren’t bothered about their security.

Security across multiple devices:

Mobile phones are becoming famous at an exceeding pace where many companies have failed to find a solution for keeping such infinite data secure. However, encryption rather helps you to keep all the data of your devices (mobile, PC, laptop) etc. safe all under a single password. Hence, data encryption is essential as it makes your life stress less.

Encryption boosts your confidence about having a backup:

Long lost files of the past along with other confidential stuff that are hard to keep along on the regular basis are well kept and protected under encryption. For example, photos from the past that contains all your childhood memories can be backed up and protected using AES 256 bit encryption. Since, they are a bit embarrassing, you wouldn’t want anyone taking a look at them. Hence, create them backups easily and live hassle free.

Trends of encryption:

Encryption – the past:

Encryption in the very first stage wasn’t really as appealing as it is today. The previous versions of encryption include Twofish, Blowfish and more which came into existence and lost their credibility in a very short period of span. Later on, encryption got itself a newer and better version/form by the name of AES 256 bit encryption.

Encryption – the present:

AES 256 bit encryption is one of the most renowned form of encryption category that so far has no loose ends. It has been termed as an unbreakable form of security. The claim however isn’t just a meaningless statement of a user rather it is a claim made by the creators themselves.

Encryption- the future:

Since the hackers and the prying eyes are becoming more advanced and are getting equipped with savvy tools which would be directly used against the user having confidential information. Security professionals are working on few different technological advances in the encryption field such as homomorphic encryption, elliptic curve cryptography and quantum computation.

In a nutshell:

Encryption has been a trend that hasn’t seen its maturity as of yet. Their current encryption standard i.e. AES 256-bit-encryption has evolved so successful that the future versions of encryption aren’t looked upon as eagerly as expected. To get yourself such security, you would have to invest in a third party software whether paid or free to use such services. To get a better understanding, give out a try to the free trails of the top encryption software to make sure you are on the right track.