Fortune Hi Tech Marketing – Company Review

Fortune Hi Tech Marketing (FHTM) was produced by Paul Orberson in 2001 and it is mind office relies in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. It’s several products varying from health, beauty & nutritional items, telecommunications, kerbside assistance packages an internet-based travel brokerage services.

These items are distributed mainly through person to person advertising, whereby the referrer gains a commission around the product that she or he sells. Also, there’s a recruitment system in position concurrently where referrer’s can gain further commissions by recruiting additional referrers. This is whats called a Multi-Level Marketing (Multilevel marketing) platform since the commissions acquired will get compounded the greater recruits you’ve selling below you (also known as a “downline”). When you are getting employed with FHTM, you’re known as a completely independent Representative.

Should you eventually be a FHTM Independent Representative, there is also wholesale prices on all of the items which you’ll either re-sell in a mark-up to create a retail profit together with your commissions or use for your very own consumption.

To be able to receive commissions, an agent must move minimal product. This is exactly what separates Multilevel marketing companies from “Pyramid Schemes”. A Pyramid Plan focuses exclusively around the recruitment of people and this is not on product distribution and it is entirely illegal.

Although every Multilevel marketing includes a varied payment method, you will notice that all Multilevel marketing platforms have much the same earning summaries because of its people when it comes to rates. Fortune Hi Tech Marketing is directly on target using the relaxation from the Multilevel marketing companies available. FHTM’s Independent Representative’s earning summery for September 1, 2009 to August 31, 2010 demonstrated that 66% stated commissions between $100-$5000 which 10% of their reps made anything over $5000 yearly.

You will notice that only roughly 5% of all of the people in most Multilevel marketing companies these days make enough money to sustain a good living. The important thing of these people as well as their success is difficult work, determination and powerful discipline towards their business goals.

One factor which may be missing with FHTM may be the ability their candidates have with internet marketing. Rather than attempting to attract leads through person to person advertising exclusively and wasting nearly all efforts on cold leads, you could obtain pre-qualified purchasers with an effective sales funnel online. When the jobs are done, you literally have leads visiting yourself on auto-pilot. This would not be restricted to just FHTM’s Independent Representative’s but may be put on any Multilevel marketing platform on the planet.

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