Free Web Site Design? Whether it Sounds Too Good to be real, it Frequently is!

Whenever you type “free website” or “free web design” into Google you’ll be given a large number of results and as many companies offering to consider you step-by-step through creating the first website free of charge!

This sounds great, but what is the catch?

A few several weeks ago I made the decision I needed to enhance my existing website to really make it a little more twenty-first century. I’m a graphic designer coupled with formerly designed my very own websites using Dreamweaver, but did not understand how to make sure they are dynamic. These were static sites that simply sitting there gathering dust. I needed an internet site that might be found on the internet and eventually, accustomed to cause me to feel money!

And So I Googled “free website” from curiosity and that i could not believe things i saw. Dynamic, condition-of-the-art websites – totally free! So immediately I immediately registered and started building my FREE website. Regrettably I came across several problems which completely required the wind from my sails.

Listed here are the issues…

I needed to make use of my existing website name I already had, however i soon discovered it was not really possible using the free website companies. Their domains looked something similar to this:

Let’s focus on your brand-new business to begin around the right feet you need to think about, would I be pleased with that website name to represent my start up business. Would I love it printed on my small business card printing, sign written on my small vans or marketed on the internet itself!?

The issue is these free “click and make” website information mill not supplying a free website name or website hosting, there are just providing you with a sub-domain of the company. To many people finding your brand-new website might find another business name alongside yours. And since its a sub-domain it appears just like you are associated with that company in some manner. Now I do not now in regards to you, but I’d rather not be viewed in this manner. I would like my very own real domain by myself servers with complete control.

Let us discuss the hosting now, since i have discussed it in the last paragraph. So in addition to a bad website name additionally, you will obtain a bad hosting deal. All your text and pictures you supplment your website, while you construct it, are stored on the server on the World Wide Web, not on your pc. Which means you are totally at the disposal of these FWC’s.

The issue using the FWC’s is that they will offer you “limited” disk space and bandwidth, wishing you’ll upgrade to 1 of the compensated website hosting packages. Another prevalent problem is using advertising banners and links in your web site to advertise the FWC’s services. Again this really is untidy and confusing to your website visitors. They’re left unclear to who you’re really and what you are employed by and thus suspicion is elevated.

The 3rd serious problem, which may be the greatest of, is you don’t have use of your files, images or database. All you build through the years of getting your site is of another person. What exactly happens a couple of several weeks or perhaps years lower the road when you choose you need to move your site to a different webhost, in order to your personal website hosting servers. You do not have use of your files and also the FWC will either ask you for a charge to maneuver your files to a different webhost or let you know it cannot be achieved. Is that this truly the best foundation which to begin your brand-new business?

The purpose of this site would be to educate the newbie how you can set-up their very own website, on your own, in around fifteen minutes…for around £5.00! I’ve written an ordinary speaking eBook, that i’m offering like a Free Offer, which teaches you step-by-step exactly how each process works. There are lots of websites which will do all of this free of charge, however i will highlight no.1 reason why you need to prevent them no matter what!

While selecting a website company Singapore, it is important that your developer is able to create screens that can use your PowerPoint effectively. The engineers will be able to see your approach and you also will gain a though outstanding of the working of your website.