Getting Back to the Basics: How to Get More Site Visitors

Whether you are a new marketer or a veteran one, you know that a successful inbound strategy involves attracting strangers to visit your website as the first step. However, it may not be easy to put this into practice. You are worried about other things such as keeping up with recent marketing trends and getting bottom-lined results making it easy for you to forget about the initial step.

However, you need to stop believing that traffic generation is not possible. Increasing site traffic and getting more website visitors can be done using various ways. Here are some of the best ways to make this possible.

Optimize your Site for Internet Searchers

if you hear the term search engine optimization or SEO, this means optimizing your website for the people who use search engines. And the good news is that search engines like Google consider websites optimized for internet searchers to be fully optimized. Thus, optimizing your site for the people who will visit it lets you hit two birds at the same time.

Create Content with the Right Keywords

Keywords serve as your bridges. They are the reason anonymous internet searchers will reach your site. However, searchers will be able to make it to your site through those bridges if they are interested in your content.


To know what searchers want, focus on knowing your personas. Keywords focused on the issues your personas face or the goals they wish to achieve must be your basis in creating your content. This is because people look for solutions to those issues. When your site has content which solves their issues, internet searchers will find your site and visit it.

Make your Website Offers a Fluent Experience

Think about yourself searching for an attorney to help you in filing a patent for your new investment. You use the internet and use Google’s search bar and type “patent lawyers Singapore.”


Before clicking “search,” stop! Can you imagine what the websites of those lawyers look like? You surely do not imagine of a cluttered website in fun fonts and neon colors. Rather, as you imagine what the website of a trustworthy and professional patent attorney looks like, you think of more muted tones, more opportunities for exploring various service that practice provides and a cleaner font. Such concept is cognitive fluency. This means sites which attract more traffic will present an experience similar to the ideas of visitors of what the site must look like. In order to enhance your site’s cognitive fluency, ask your personas what they expect to see on your website.

Write Blog Posts on Topics that Searchers Need Answers To

Apart from website pages, your blog can help you in attracting to your website. Just as you must optimize your site pages around keywords your buyer personas search for, you must do the same thing with your blog posts. Know that are the most frequently asked questions of your personas. Consider the issues they are facing and are searching help for over the web. These must be the basis of writing blog posts.