How to update old posts on your blog

If you have been blogging for quite some time you will surely end up having an archive of content. It’s very necessary to constantly update your archives because they might be the ones that generate traffic especially on the search engines. To be updated with your audience interests and needs is one of the prime tactics to be a successful blogger.

Some bloggers do not like to update their blogs because they like keeping records of old links and data. But most of the blogs develop broken links within a year and the data may also become outdated and lose its relevance. This is most applicable in the case of technical blogs. Technical blogs should be updated at regular intervals since technology becomes ousted in no time.

Variations in opinions

Most of our opinions on matters change over time- it’s purely a human tendency. So to develop a consistency in opinions on your blogs too is necessary. Do not hesitate in voicing yourself because it’s ultimately the uniqueness in your blogs that might spark an interest among your readers.

Not only opinions change, but also circumstances. For example the car website about which you had described in your blog a year ago might have completely changed its modus operandi. So it’s necessary to keep a check on your content and make changes accordingly. This increases your credibility in the eyes of your readers.


Your blog after a year or two may look quite dated. The pictures and links used may appear to be of the bygone eras. An apt makeover will make your posts refreshing and the result might be simply surprising!

How do I update my posts?

  1. Delete them!

If a post looks beyond repair, do not waste time deciding. Delete it and make your blog relevant for the day.

  1. Quick updates

If all that your blog needs is to replace few broken links and a bit proof reading, do so and do not make a note that the post has been updated.

  1. Updates

If you make significant changes in the content of your posts then add an update section to your posts. This will ensure your readers that there has been a regular updating and will add to the validity of your posts.

  1. Repost

If you think some of your posts are worth twice a read, repost them with a new date. This puts it back onto the front page of the blog and gives it fresh attention – however it is well worth noting that if you have dates in your URL structure this is not advised as it’ll change the URL of your post (not good for SEO).

  1. New posts

If you feel that 90% of the content in an old post needs to be altered, do not waste times in repairing the old one instead write a new post that is totally in tune with your ideas.

While updating, select the ones that has garnered quite a chunk of traffic in the past. Also, select posts that might attract attention on social media. Make a complete overhaul to your posts and you might be simply amazed by the difference that makes!