HTC 10: 5 Reasons You Should Definitely Consider Buying It

If you’re planning to buy a new smart phone, you may get confused what to buy. Everyone has a brand consciousness. If you want to try something new, then try the latest HTC flagship smartphone, HTC 10. The designs, software, look and feel- HTC has done incredibly good work on this phone. It is very difficult to limit the reasons of buying this phone within five points as this is made to serve the user the best. Let’s find out why you should buy this new HTC phone-

Attractive Design

The shining metal body of this phone has made it look incredible. With the curved back and the combination of One M9 and A9, the phone has become trendy. The look, fit and style has made it awesome to buy.

Awesome Display

Today, mobile phones are not only a communicating device; they are the example of your luxury. While you go to buy a phone, you definitely pay attention to the look. A smart phone with sleek design and wide screen will definitely attract the users. With this new phone, you can really show off. It comes with 5.2 inch QHD super LCD of 5th Generation. The resolution of this phone is 1440*2560 and it consists of Gorilla Glass Protection.

Hi-end Audio System

Travelling a long journey can be spiced up if you are listening to your favorite songs. Yes, all other mobile support MP3 and MP4 systems and FM. But, this phone is equipped with HTC Boomsound that has made it unique among all other smart phones. It also has high-end audio recording which has made it more appealing to the users.

Unlimited Storage Capacity

Who doesn’t want a phone where you can store your favorite music, songs, games, data, videos and audios? With this new phone of HTC, you can get 4 GB RAM and the internal storage capacity is up to 32 GB and 64 GB. Also, you can increase this capacity up to 2 TB by buying microSD cards.


You can’t imagine a smart phone without a camera. The more powerful the camera is the more stylish pictures you can click. Again, this is the ‘selfie era’; you can’t have a phone that doesn’t have a strong front camera. This is the first smart phone that has image stabilization support for the front camera. So, clicking images free from blurs is quite easy now. The back camera is also powerful and you can click pictures even when the light is not appropriate.

Apart from these five essential benefits, there are several other reasons of buying this phone-

  • Smooth touch fingertip scanner to unlock the phone
  • USB Type Calong with 3.1 standards that support data transmission faster.
  • Stronger battery life with 3000mAh power.
  • Android Marshmallow optimization with 50% recharge within 30 minutes.

So, now that you’re well-aware about the features,you can buy one for you now. Online shopping on HTC 10 can also get you a good deal.