iPiccy – Your Best Free App For Flawless Online Graphics Editing And More!

Do you need some minor ticks and twitches to that semi-amazing photo of yours? iPiccy has the perfect solution fit for your precise needs!

iPiccy – The Revolution In The World Of Online Photo Editing?

I have had this little charming web app on my radar for quite a while now without the chance of using it as all of my pictures and photos were fine as they were and I had Photoshop for certain cases when they weren’t.

My life changed entirely after a little accident. I forgot my bag with the laptop and all the flash drives in a bus that has successfully travelled all the way from NY to Florida without me in it. I was amazed that all my stuff was returned after a while but, needless to say, I had no access to professional gear for more than a weak.

That never meant that my rich life in social media could afford the stop as all of those hungry subscribers on Instargram and followers on Twitter demanded more of my glorious and compelling content. That’s when I remembered about ipiccy.com and that changed my entire life.


Well, it actually didn’t. I still use Photoshop every here and now and I love its advanced flexibility. But I have iPiccy now for all of the minor tasks I don’t want to invest countless hours in. Social media posts and quick photo edits are the perfect fit.

What’s that iPiccy thing?

iPiccy is a little friendly helper that lends a couple of necessary tools every here and now. The app is great because it’s web-based meaning I only have to enter the website to start working with it. iPiccy is free of charge and doesn’t even require registration. I did it anyway for more comfort, but I don’t feel like I’ve gotten any additional perks out of it.

Speaking of the app – you can do whatever you feel like with it in terms of photo editing. It has a really powerful and promising set of tools, layers and brushes. It has some stickers, an efficient amount of available vector graphics, some common and even rare filters and a huge chunk of personalized customization gear.

I was using it for creation of funny memes for twitter as I did enjoy the library of fonts and the internet is overfilled with free stock backgrounds. I also created several YouTube thumbnails with it. What can I say, it works! I had no issues with playing around with contrast, I could outline the important visuals and all-in-all the app did what I needed at the moment.

The funny part

Even though the app did everything I needed to feel satisfied, it was a hit with my wife! She doesn’t have as much technical experience as I do, but she – as all women – loves to be pretty. And my oh my, did she abuse the apps customization functionality.

She started off with updating some of her old photos. She remover red eyes, got rid of some wrinkles and stuff like that. But then she has noticed that the app allows her to visually change the color of her hair and add some various makeup patterns. I lost her that day and I lost her to a web app.


iPiccy is a nice and handy tool for unexpected scenarios as long as you don’t show it to your wife.