Light Technologies

Light is short for employed for a mix of programs which are most broadly used today for website creating and hosting, determining an internet server infrastructure or creating a software or creating an application distribution package. It means:

o Linux (Operating-system)

o Apache (Server )

o MySql (Database server)

o Perl/PHP or Python (among the scripting languages)

These bundled programs are a fantastic platform for rapid growth and development of promising small to massive websites and internet based programs. Linux being an operating-system is mainly accustomed to run servers also it can give high end on limited hardware sources. Apache is definitely an free based server also is probably the most broadly server. MySQL can also be a wide open source relational database which is renowned for its reliability and free availability. PHP may be the programming language from the web, rich in performance rapid development abilities. PERL is among most flexible languages to build up programs faster.

A lot of companies in India today provide Light hosting companies because it gives them easy to use tools to create and host websites as preferred by their customers. The bundle or stack of software(s) that include Light can constantly change and improve itself because of its virtue to be free, thus making Light an ideal and cost-effective web design tool. With Light, web designers can concentrate on using creative measures to create and convey great websites.

In India, a lot of companies make use of the Light technology to provide website hosting methods to their clients because it has very couple of obstacles when it comes to having to pay the certification charges or trading in other programs. The idea is thus attaining immense recognition worldwide. Light is an ideal number of an operating-system, webserver, script languages and database server. It’s also technically a lot more appropriate than .internet or Java options for almost all programs.

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